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Are You Ready? (Debut album)

Image of Are You Ready? (Debut album)


A physical copy of our 15 song debut album
8 page booklet with all the lyrics
Order now and get our first EP (6 songs off the album) for download.
1. Are You Ready
2. The Cat Is On The Loose
3. Rock Bottom Rocknroll
4. Made Out Of Ice
5. Change My Ways
6. California
7. Dear Deamon
8. Raise Your Glass
9. Morning Wood
10. Tapped Out
11. Burned Me Down
12. Bring You Back
13. Take Me Home
14. We're Taking Over
15. Feel Like A Fool

Raise your glass and get ready to headbang your head off!

Chase The Ace are the jaw droppin', sleaze drippin', hard rockin' phenomenon that's here to stay! Bringing you a slick modern twist on the guitar wailing, drum crushing bands of the 80's, CTA's approach of "running as fast as you can with your eyes closed" is proving itself:
In 6 months of existence, they've managed to conquer rock charts around the world,
Launch a well praised EP ("Pure RockNRoll! - 4.5 stars",
sign with the UK based Z-Records (SteelHeart, Doug Aldrich - Whitesnake, Enuff Z Nuff...),
record their debut album "Are You Ready?" (Out April 22nd throughout Europe & N. America),
all while raising hell on stages in their home country of Israel, turning every gig to a rocknroll party with chicks on stage and guitar solos on the bar.


Chase The Ace are:
Roi Vito Peleg - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Yam Artzy - Drums / Back Vocals
Omer Schnider - Lead Guitar / Back Vocals
Yair Gadon - Bass / Back Vocals

Reviews: (for more press click here: )

"Chase The Ace's "Rock Bottom Rocknroll" is a blast of hot and swinging hard rock that is so much fun, you don't want it to stop after just six tracks.
Chase the Ace shows a lot of promise on this EP: the tunes are solid, the sound is big and slick, and this band surely knows how to rock. In short: "Rock Bottom Rocknroll" is an enjoyable and entertaining ride, and I highly recommend you take it out for a spin -- I don't think you'll regret it." Hard Rock Nights

"I'm a big fan of the rock giants of the 80's the crushing drums, wailing vocalists and long passionate guitar solos. I found all of those in this small new band coming out no other than Israel. " Ultimate-Guitar

"'Rock Bottom Rocknroll' is a solid and meaty introduction for Chase The Ace to the Western audience, and to be honest, these guys rocks fairly good on par with many established acts. The fun vibe is supported by well penned songs and strong instrumentation, all crowned by a first rate production for an indie. A really enjoyable collection of rockers from a new promising band. Keep an eye put on them." 0DayRockz